Ella is doing very well!  She made herself right at home.  I am very happy with my new friend, she is very nurturing for the soul. 

She gives so-o-o many kisses, loves to cuddle, and even extends her paw out to hold hands.  Ella likes to lay on my lap when I’m working and lay in the nook of my knees or shoulder when I’m sleeping.  It’s nice to hear her purr.  She’s great around other people, but has not yet met any other animals.

My friends adore her – she has many aunties to spoil her with toys!  Her favorite toys are these little catnip filled fortune cookies and a fluffy teaser wand.

She does get large spurts of energy we call “the crazies” and runs around jumping from ledge to chair but tuckers herself out after a while and sleeps.  She seems to be fascinated by my laptop and the only naughty thing she’s done is kneaded some of the type keys off (made me sad but I understand it must be warm to lay and play on).

I had a great interaction with the staff members at your shelter. Thank you so much for helping me find such a beautiful companion.