Cedar (formerly Hershey) is the most amazing pup we could have asked for! He’s incredibly intelligent, but just the right amount of goofy and crazy too! He’s learned many basic commands and even knows how to “clean up” his toys when asked and rings his bell to go outside to go potty. He loves his crate at bedtime and goes in without even being asked (but not so much when he has to be left alone…we’re still working on that). And he goes for a walk every morning and on his way home he HAS to pick up a stick and carry it the rest of the way home. We’ve got quite the pile of sticks growing outside our door!

He loves to spend time at the beach and is very good around the other dogs he meets there. He even goes to work at a small video production firm a few times a week and gets along great with the three other office dogs there too. He’s got so many friends and everyone who meets him loves him so much and can’t help but comment on his adorable spots and freckles. When we tell people he’s a cattle dog they even say “oh he does look like a cow!”

We’ve caught him “smiling” quite a few times too! Safe to say we think he’s pretty happy here and we could not love him more!