Abby (formerly Isabella) is such a joy and has adjusted to her new home quite well. She is by far the most affectionate pup in the world! With a wagging tail, she is full of wet kisses for everyone! She loves to snuggle up under your chin for love and comfort and hang out by your feet or on your lap for those lazy mid-morning and afternoon naps. She truly completes our family!

Abby has already learned a few key commands. We were quite surprised by this but started using basic commands that we knew she would be working on once she started basic obedience training at the end of the month. Once she realized treats and snuggles were involved, she was happy to oblige! She has learned “out”… runs to the door, “sit” … sits and gets a treat, “Abby, come” … runs over for a treat. And yes, we have had to teach her “Abby, no”. She stops negative behavior immediately.

We refuse to play with her if she’s nipping and she calms pretty quickly. We also use this command when she is barking at the cat to play with her. Let me just say, he is none too pleased by this disruption in his day. The two have tolerated one another…Although Abby would LOVE to play with him, Charlie our 12+ year old Coon has little to no patience for this bundle of energy and would rather be atop the couch or table. He can be a bit of a snob!

Abby loves to go for short walks on her leash and rides in the car! She just started interacting with other pups her own age and has discovered that many are much bigger than she is! She loves it though. We have a few neighborhood canine friends that just love to come visit us when we are outside to play. Abby sniffs and then smothers them with kisses.

She loves the great outdoors regardless of the weather! Snow, sleet, freezing rain will not keep our wonderful pup in the house! She enjoys burrowing in the snow, jumping in puddles and sliding across the wet grass. She an active bundle of joy!

Abby has paw printed our hearts for life.