I adopted Timmy (formerly Julian) in July. He quickly became friends with my two senior cats but they had no interest in being his playmate. Timmy’s energy level was through the roof and it became clear that toys were not enough to keep him satisfied. I knew he needed a friend his own age.

I searched for several months looking for the perfect kitty to fit in with our family. I went back and forth to Northeast Animal Shelter many times in my search. Finally one day I went to the shelter and was just about ready to leave when I decided to look around one last time. As I was leaving one of the rooms I saw a volunteer preparing a cage and an animal crate on the ground. Through the holes I could see three little fluff balls moving around inside. As she removed the three kittens, I immediately fell in love and knew I found the perfect little boy for my Tim! It was meant to be!

Warren (now Tomasse) became instant friends with Timmy. They are inseparable! My senior cats are grateful that Timmy has expelled his energy elsewhere. Now all four live in perfect harmony. We couldn’t be happier with our fur family. Thank you Northeast for bringing these amazing cats into our lives! We couldn’t be happier!