Pretty Girl is now Bella, and she is doing great.  She didn’t seem to know the name Pretty Girl and does now respond to Bella, but mostly responds to finger snapping.  For some reason, it stops her in her tracks and she turns right around and trots over from day 1.  

She has not scratched either one of us, hissed, nothing.  We didn’t push her initially and let her do her thing.  We provided her a bed as she had at the shelter and it seems to be her go to when she needs alone time, but that is changing. She now has 5 places she “sits” just in the living room alone. She prefers to be with us most of the time, whether she sits with one of us or just in the same room as us.  

We took her to the Vet for 1st check-up and she did great, was super calm with the vet I put her in the carrier both times without any scratching.  She fully trusts us.

She has changed almost every day we have had her. She is now very sure of herself.  She has fully explored the house, loves sitting in the windows, prefers the window open but still sits there when closed.  In all, I think she is very happy, and she does not seem bored.  I know we are very happy with her and fortunate that we were able to get her.  We have no other pets, she is our 1 and only, I think she prefers that.