Ava (pictured on the left) and Zha Zha  (Azalea, pictured below)  are my little Gabor sisters.  They are such a joy to have as part of our family. They both have adjusted very well. They play hard and sleep a lot.

They both have their own personality. Ava is a purr muffin love bug and loves to have her chin and cheeks rubbed and will look at you with her head tilted and wants to be picked.  Zha Zha loves to be petted but dont pick her up! She will plop on the floor in front of you and beg to be petted. Love’s her head and nose rubbed, BUT don’t pick her up! I try to pick her up only by her front paws to get her used to have your hands on her belly. I kiss her forhead and let her be. She now will let you hold her for a hot minute and then she’s done with that, but will then plop on the floor and look for you to pet her.

Ava is definitely the denominator but Zha Zha will only take so much.  When I feed them and Ava wants Zha Zha’s food, Ava taps her on the head and Zha Zha moves to Ava’s dish.  

I feed the birds outside our back door and the both stay crouched down with their ears flat and watch the birds and squirrels.  When Ava wants the spot Zha Zha has and taps her head, Zha Zha swats back like saying not this perch.

They both are such a joy to have and I’m so glad we went Northeast Animal Shelter to adopt our Little Gabor sisters.  I can’t say enough about how fabulous the staff is and how they treat and care for these fragile and special animals. All the animal units were spotless and cleaned constantly each time we were there looking to adopt.  Then we saw Ava and Zha Zha (Azalea) and fell in love. The rest is history!