We are so in love with our girl Nellie. We adopted her on December 21st, and were able to bring her everywhere with us for the holidays. She had already made 8 dog friends by the end of our first week together, and she was loving it. My boyfriend and I were visiting the shelter on a daily basis, and waiting in those 7 degree temperature lines when new shipments of pups were coming in. We made friends with many of the dogs at the shelter and continue to keep tabs on who has been adopted. Our experience at NEAS was really wonderful. We already want to adopt another dog!

Nellie was selected on a very cold morning while I myself was at work. Mike, my boyfriend, waited in line for an hour and when he got inside and saw Nellie he was immediately certain that she was our girl. I got some photos while at work and thought she was beautiful! Later that day we were able to spend some time with her together. She was (and is) amazing!

P.S. We hope to find her litter mate Pippy who was there with her at the shelter when we adopted. On our records of Nellie’s (formerly Jessie) time at the shelter, there were many notes written about how much she loves her sister Pippy.  They would play and snuggle all the time. Reuniting them would be a truly wonderful experience for her!