My fiancé and I adopted a lab mix puppy “Lyra” (formerly Lovina) back in November and we love her so much. She is very smart, house training went very well and she knows several commands already.

She is teething so she likes to get ahold of things that she shouldn’t be chewing, but she is quick to “drop” and is happy to switch to a stuffie/bone that is meant for her.

We love how exceptionally sweet she is and she always looks like she’s smiling. I affectionately call her “Noodle” because when she’s happy (which is just about always) and wagging her tail, her whole body wiggles like a noodle – haha.

She loves giving kisses and always keeps a watchful eye for where we go. She loves to snuggle with us and her sisters (our other older 2 rescue pups) and be a lap dog – which is getting a little more difficult every day as she grows bigger, but we make it work!

She snores when she is in a deep sleep, which is hilarious. So that makes 2 loud snorers in this house – hahaha! She is playful and can definitely be that “annoying younger sister” but she has certainly been welcomed into the family by our other 2 dogs.

I’ve also never had a dog that actually likes to play “fetch”; it’s quite amusing to watch how much she enjoys it! Did anyone know how awesome sticks are?! Haha. She also loves the snow!

We are so grateful to have been able to get her and that she was brought to NEAS from a kill shelter down in Georgia! If that hadn’t been done we wouldn’t have this wonderful pooch. ❤️

Thank you NEAS.  Thank you to the Georgia rescue group.  And, thank you to all people working every day to save homeless pets!! ❤️