Everything is going well with Mellie! She is eating and sleeping well- see the picture attached – and we are all happy!  Mellie and I have been taking long walks each morning.  I think she mostly loves walks so she can get a glimpse of some squirrels.

We are still adjusting with the cat.  She doesn’t have interest in the cat until he starts to run away from her, and then the chase instinct kicks in. We are taking it slowly with them, keeping them apart but mixing scents, short meetings with Mellie on a leash.  Hopefully soon the cat will feel more confident with her around.  

We had such a great experience at the shelter.  You all were so helpful, and gave out so much useful information that it calmed the nerves of bringing home a new family member! We appreciate all of the help so much, and we are really loving having Mellie as part of our family.

Thank you for everything!