Hi to all at Northeast Animal Shelter!

For years, I have always dreamt of having an orange kitten named Cheddar. As long as the kitten was from a shelter and had some orange fur somewhere, I was going to be happy to give this hoped-for in-my-dreams kitten the best life I could give. 

As it turned out, September 1st of this year was the day.  It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I adopted my first pet, Cheddar. 

To you guys, her name was Shortcake – a 3-month-old orange shorthair kitten. That day had a rough morning. I had been waiting years to find the right time to adopt. The night before was going to be the day, but fate has a funny way of doing things. I wasn’t able to get proof of my residency since my apartment office closed at 6 pm, so I had to wait until the next day. That next morning, my close friend came to pick me up with an iced coffee and donut in hand. I had been refreshing the Northeast Animal Shelter website for 24 straight hours, checking for new kittens who were orange. There were a few and I ended up having a tortoise shell one in mind.

At 10 am, I walked into the Shelter and made my way down the hallway to see the cats. I looked feverishly for the tortoise shell baby. When I found her, I brought her card up front to save my place. When I went into the small kitten room to finally meet her and her siblings, I was met with a shy girl who didn’t seem to like strangers. Which is okay. I gave her time to try and coax her to me, but she didn’t seem interested. Her brothers and sisters were all orange, I couldn’t tell if there were 3 or 5 because of how fast they ran around. After about 10-15 minutes, I could tell there wasn’t a connection with this tortoise shell kitten. I was sad. 

After some conversation, and playing with the orange ones, I picked one up. Her name was Shortcake, and she instantly purred. I checked the door to see what cards were left, and hers was the only one there. The rest had been taken by other would-be adopters. After speaking to one of the staff, we switched out the cards so I had Shortcake’s instead. After 20 more minutes of watching her play, only knowing which one she was by a little orange spot on her right rear toe, I had made my decision. She was going to be my Cheddar. 

I took her home, where she explored with no hiding whatsoever. For the last three months, Cheddar has grown and played and cuddled her way into our hearts like no animal has ever done to me. I have never met a more loving cat. Cheddar loves belly rubs, and to be scratched between the ears. Her favorite spot is in front of the window where she can watch all the neighbors’ dogs. She has a favorite toy, which she picks up and carries around the house with her. She has the most unique personality and genuinely loves her humans. Anytime we have guests over, she’s right there at the door to greet them, looking to give and receive even more love. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you guys do. You help unite fur-babies to their fur-ever families and create unbreakable bonds. And you helped me fill a void I so desperately needed to fill.