Thank you again for my Iscah (formerly April). We found each other at NEAS in the fall of 2012 and we are living our “happily ever after.” You brought her to Salem from a kill shelter in California.  You saved her life, as she was, as you told me, scheduled for euthanasia. I consider her one of the most special gifts in my life. I adore her.

I think we’re a match made in Heaven, and I believe she feels the same. Everyone who meets her falls hopelessly in love and she reciprocates. Fortunately, I, her “Mom,” am the one she loves the most, much to the envy of my friends.

Iscah has been a wonderful ambassador for rescued animals and for changing some of the negative thoughts about “second-hand pets” (ughhhhh!). She’s special … and I thank you for saving her life … and adding tremendously to mine.