Herbie (formerly known as Kai) is doing fine and happy in his new home. He is getting along great with my roomie and his Chihuahua and we have a fun filled, playful household.

Herbie loves the outdoors and will often plunk down in the grass in the middle of a walk and just chill. He was an unrelenting chewing force upon coming home but that has started to slow down and he now sticks to toys and such rather than headphones, sneakers, memory foam covers, socks, eye glasses, DVDs, just to name a few things he managed to get himself into.

Herbie starts formal puppy training tomorrow and is part of a play group. He loves his tummy rubs and is a strong sleeper.

Basically anyone who comes into contact with him loves him immediately. He is a sweet charmer and all he wants to do is be with people. Even the people in my life who tut tutted me getting a pit bull have met him and changed their minds.