I had been looking for a furry friend for quite some time. Upon looking at the website I found my self overjoyed with cuteness, and sadness because I couldn’t adopt every dog I saw. My eyes were drawn to a dog named Lola, and even though she had no picture yet I wanted her. She was a pretty rare breed of dog for the area (I knew this by googling) so I waited for 2 weeks, sending family members down to see what she actually looked like. And even with a cone on her head I knew I loved her.

Upon showing up, I went to her cage and grabbed the little blue card and found Sue. She was a tremendous help and gave us all the information we needed to know about Lola, including that she can jump over a 4 foot wall with ease. She updated us on her history and gave me ample time to play and get to know Lola. I adopted her on that day, and it was the greatest decision of my life.

Lola had been known to be mildly aggressive and not really lovable. She really only cared for a handful of volunteers. But once Lola realized about 3 days in to adopting her that she wasn’t going anywhere, she is a love bug to all! She likes to play and go outside. And her favorite spot on the bed is on the side of me. My wake-up call every day is Lola jumping on the bed and rubbing her face on mine and then literally throwing her body on top of mine and wriggling around.

So don’t be too worried if they say the dog is a little timid or angry. They’re just scared of the unknown. I highly recommend everyone to this shelter. They made it so easy, and they care so much about their pets they make sure to contact you to check on them.