I brought Willow (previously named Paula) into her furever home October 1st as a shy little 2 year old who would not make eye contact with anyone. I had prepared for slow introduction to her new surroundings thinking that it would take this scared girl a while to settle in. However, within an hour she was in my lap purring her head off and not a day later she she was at the door of our room meowing to explore the rest of the house.

Now she is the queen here and has claimed every chair, couch, counter, toy, and heart as her own. I love this girl so much and could not imagine my life without her she has brought so much happiness to our family in only just a few weeks! She even brings her toy mouse to me and will lay in my lap while she plays with it. (I guess she’s learning a few things from her doggy sister.)

Catnip is her one true love besides curling up beside my pillow for a good nights rest. She has really come into her own and we are taking on the world one step at a time. Who ever said black cats were bad luck!