We adopted Pey from Northeast Animal Shelter about 6 months ago. We already had one lovely rescue girl, Puli, and we only knew we wanted a black coated male when we arrived at the shelter.

When we met Pey, he was recovering from eyelid surgery, so he was clearly subdued, his head in a cone and his eyes surrounded with purple stitches. We were told he had been rescued from a hoarding situation as a kitten. We were torn between him and another black cat, and wavered between their cages for a while.

Pey’s sweet personality still managed to shine through despite his discomfort. When my boyfriend pet his forehead and then walked away, Pey peered around his cone and asked for more pets. We took him home, and have not regretted it for a moment.

Pey’s personality has blossomed, and I call him my “doggie cat.”  He is always first to the door to greet me when I get home, with his tail wagging furiously. He loves belly scratches (!) and will even trot around with his toys in his mouth. He sleeps between us every night, and is always “in our business” when we are doing chores – he loves riding the Roomba!

We love him so much and are thankful for shelters like Northeast Animal Shelter for saving him and others like him.