Molly is the BEST.  She was miraculously house broken upon arrival; that was awesome. 

She now barks less times than I can count on one hand.  At first Molly was too afraid to walk on the sidewalk and I had to carry her to the woods for walks, and she lived with a lowered head.  But after just a few days she was trotting along the sidewalk with ears perked and tail up! 

She’ll eat any kind of dog food, and we’ve gotten her to a healthy weight.  After getting into mischief chewing some shoes she now sticks to her own toys.  She’s unreal, how fast she learns, and how she settled right in. 

My daughter’s friends have formed a Molly Lovers Club and they play with her (supervised) and make her so happy.  She has a great bill of health from the vet, and tick guard is doing it’s job, since she still likes walking in the woods above anywhere else.  She does well with dogs and cats, and has taken a kind, gentle, liking to my 96 year old grandma. 

She sleeps under my daughter’s loft bed, and greets her with a wagging tail in the morning.  Molly loves playing with toys, and definitely thinks I’m boring compared to my daughter.  She’s a neighborhood favorite and gets love around every corner. 

I went up to Northeast Animal Shelter that day just mulling over the idea of adopting a dog, and left with a true blessing.  My daughter and I have been alone together since she was one, and that has brought tension as she grows.  Molly has broken that tension and is there for her in ways I cannot be.  She has been unbelievable, truly, I am so grateful.  Thank you.