Elizabeth, the kitten formerly known as Jay, is a wildly energetic kitten who enjoys racing around her new home. She loves to play with her toys by herself or with me.

She’s unlike any cat I’ve had before as she seems to act more like a dog than a cat. Throw a ball and she’ll run and retrieve it, carry it back in her mouth and drop it to be thrown again. She has even started leaping into the air to catch the ball with her front paws and bring it down to the ground.  She would make a great a wide receiver if the NFL allowed cats!

When I come home from work, Elizabeth comes running to welcome me, and even better she’s learned my routine to the point that every morning at 6:30 she provides a wake up call (if only she knew I have weekends off). She’s not a fan of car rides, but enjoys exploring her grandpa’s spacious home.