Duke (previously Peter) is almost responding to his new name. He sleeps from about 10 pm to 5 am (there was one magical day he slept until 5:45 am) with occasional mornings where he wakes up for a 3 am bathroom break. He is currently sleeping very well in the crate at the end of the bed and only whines for about a minute when he’s put there at bedtime, but after he loses his puppy teeth, we are looking forward to transitioning him to just sleeping in his bed.

Duke is eating just fine, and would drink water all day long if he could. When his bowl is empty, he proudly brings it to his bed in the living room to let us know. Sometimes, the bowl isn’t quite empty, and we end up with a trail of water across the whole house.

Duke learned to swim about two weeks ago, at my parents’ lake house. We walked him into the water and set him down, and he started swimming right away. We’re working on dry land fetch so we can hopefully play fetch in the water next summer.

Duke also went to his first baseball game this week to watch Tim umpire college kids. He was VERY interested, and met a lot of the players, and sat through 3 innings on my lap in the bleachers without taking his eyes off the action of the players running around and the ball.

We had such a great experience at the shelter, and encourage everyone when we tell about Duke’s adoption, to look into Northeast, even though it’s far. We were so impressed by how clean it was and the amount of volunteers.

We love Duke so much. Thank you for all the work you do.