I adopted Almond from the shelter on August 19, 2017. I changed his name to Sheldon (if you watch the Big Bang Theory, that is who I named him after). His name fits him perfectly! He even likes watching the TV!

He was a bit nervous the night he arrived but didn’t take him long at all to adjust! That next morning I found him sleeping at the foot of my bed. Now he sleeps either beside me or sometime I wake up and he is on my chest! LOL

He is very loving but also very playful! He has met my grandchildren and plays/loves them too! He has a favorite toy mouse that I gave him that he carries everywhere in his mouth! He loves to be cuddled and he purrs up a storm! I have to say it was the best decision I made taking him home that day! As I write this he is sleeping right beside me on the couch!