Meet Romeo (formerly Casper), the sweetest little weirdo! I adopted Romeo at NE Animal Shelter almost a month ago, and have been blessed with his amazing personality every day since. Each day he gets funnier, doing things like chasing his own tail so hard he looks like he’s flying.

Romeo loves to love, which is how he got his name. If Romeo is in the room, all hands better be on him!! He loves back scratches and tummy scratches, has a sweet spot behind his ears and under his chin, and is always down to cuddle.

Romeo has become a hot topic of conversation. Everyone who meets him has nothing but good things to say and every time I post a picture or video of him, everyone loves to follow along with him! I thought I was helping out by adopting from a shelter (which is still true), but it seems Romeo helps me much more than I’ve helped him.

Any time anyone comes in feeling low, Romeo is right by their side cheering them up with all his love. I came in to the shelter looking for an older cat, but ended up with this 2 year old bundle of joy instead. I cannot wait to grow up with him and see all the places we’ll go together. Thank you NEASfor bringing this blessing into my life 🙂