We adopted Patches on September 11th. When we saw her at the Northeast Animal Shelter on Saturday she was hiding under a blanket and absolutely terrified. She was one of 30 cats rescued from a single house and she weighed in at 5.1 lbs. That is half of what our other cat, Maverick, weighs.

We were ready to spend weeks and possibly months getting her comfortable at home so she felt safe but the second we let her out of the cage she was like a completely different cat. She started purring, rubbing on us, exploring her room, and playing with the toys. It was a complete 180.

She now spends her time napping on the bed with Maverick and exploring the bookshelves and closets. We absolutely love having her in the family! She’s cheerful, cuddly, and loves to talk to us when she sees us. She just chirps and purrs all of the time!!!