My husband and I went to NEAS August 27, 2017 to adopt two kittens. Even though it took me a while to find him, I saw Oreo (previously named Maddox) in a cage and he was so still I knew he was scared, but I knew I wanted a black cat. We renamed him Oreo since he is primarily black with white chest, belly and paws.

His cute little face melted my heart. He was able to come home right away with us while Adrianna, whom we renamed Calliope, stayed behind as she was scheduled to be spayed on the 29th. It took Oreo 1 day to figure out we were his new family. We confined him to our sun room and when I entered early the next morning, he came right out and started purring. He has been at home ever since and is a love; we couldn’t be any happier.

Calliope (previously named Adrianna) came home Sept 1, 2017 a few days after she was spayed. Immediately she acted like she had been here with us all along. She met her new brother Oreo and there wasn’t any fussing between the two. They were meant to be family. Calliope is the softest kitty I have ever owned, but more importantly she’s filled to the brim with love. She gives it and she wants it.

We drew lucky cards and hit the jackpot with both adoptions. They complete our happy family. Thank you NEAS for rescuing them from a kill shelter in GA. The picture is of the two playing on their new 72″ cat condo.

We are in love, whiskers and tails – Rosaly & Joseph Doyle