Tallulah Peaches (formerly Ginger) was adopted in early May and we ADORE our sweet little Georgia peach. Initially described as ‘fractious’ (and admittedly, she still earns that moniker when it comes time to get her in her carrier!), this is a kitty who now loves to curl up on laps in the daytime and under the covers at night. We are both amazed–and delighted–with how quickly ‘Tulla’ learned to trust us and she is quite inquisitive when we have people over (but appreciates when they don’t approach her too quickly). She’s a bundle of energy and adores playing with pretty much anything too … and talk about a healthy appetite!

One of her favorite sleeping spots is either in front of the living room window, where she can watch the birds at our feeder or–simply adorably–curled up on my pillow, with her head wedged into the crook of my neck. Being woken up with roars of kitty purrs is the best alarm clock!

I suspect she’ll be getting a sister in the future and needless to say, when that day comes, we’ll be back at NEAS!  Thank you for believing that we were the right people for her; she has certainly proven to be the right kitty for us!  ❤️