I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work that the staff and volunteers do at your facility.

Scarlett (who was called Jane at the shelter) is the poster child for all your hard work and efforts. She came to you rough, as you know. When she arrived at NEAS in early July, we learned she had raw oozing sores on her face and her tongue was so swollen that she had to be hand fed in a sitting position. Yet when she came home with us she had a clean bill of health after a few weeks of treatment from your dedicated and loving staff.

She immediately turned into a great family member. My other dog is a bit more active since we brought Scarlett home, which is great as he was a bit depressed when we had to put our older lab to sleep. She loves being outside in her new fenced in yard with a Kong full of peanut butter and kibble. She runs like the wind on the beach chasing balls with her big brother, sometimes retrieving them, sometimes not. I think perhaps she has some greyhound in her. She is very social with both people and other dogs. Her typical day ends resting on the couch and at night she enjoys being in her cozy crate.

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate all you do and she is proof that all your hard work makes for many, many happy families.