It was meant to be…We were third in line and in the first group admitted to see the new litter of puppies just cleared for adoption that day. We found one of the new puppies we liked the best in the puppy room – and she was adorable – but something didn’t quite feel right. We walked into one of the other rooms, saw Rupert (then Jango), and fell in love. It turns out that he had arrived at the shelter on July 1st, and had just been cleared by the clinic for adoption that same day! We’re so glad that we followed our intuition!

Rupert has jumped right into being part of the family with his mommy and daddy and two kitty brothers, Ashby and Tuxley. He’s a natural at playing fetch, and we also love to sit on the front lawn and people watch. When we first wake up, all we want to do is crawl back in bed and snuggle. One of our favorite places to be is snuggling on the coach watching Game of Thrones. We know we’re going to have lots of fun together, happily ever after! The fates couldn’t have aligned it better!