Reisling (like the wine) – formerly known as Morgan – has been with us for almost 2 weeks now. When we first got her at the shelter, she was very shy, and after hiding under my bed for the first few days, I was worried she would never warm up to me. However, less than 5 days of having her, she began to come out and explore my room. Now all she does is play. Constantly – all day and all night!

She uses every little item on the ground (or hanging from the window, or door) as an excuse to play. She recently started sleeping with me at night in bed (now that she’s able to jump up) and is the cuddliest love bug ever. She purrs constantly, the minute I go near her. She needs to be touching me all the time, and will curl up on me or right next to me with her paws wrapped around my arm in a hug.

When she wants attention, in the sweetest way, she’ll put her paw on my face. She also loves every human imaginable no matter if she’s met them before or not. My roommates and friends will come in and she’ll immediately go up to them and show them love and affection. We haven’t once heard her hiss, and she never bites. Just kisses and nuzzles. I’m so grateful for this little girl who’s so full of love all the time. Thank you NEAS!