I’m a shelter volunteer and was the first to bring Levi out to a play yard once he was ready for adoption last October. He was so scared that it took a lot of prodding to get him out from the corner he was trying to melt in to, but once we were out in the play yard he started to gain confidence and ultimately, he chose me. I love every dog I meet and 9 out of 10 dogs are more than willing to love you back with just as much fervor, but the connection I felt with little Levi was so much more, it was difficult to leave him behind! I grew up with a Lab/Newf mix and a German Shepard, so I surprised myself when I got home that night and couldn’t sleep, I knew I had to give Levi a home and that he was meant to be mine!

He quickly became my best bud and accompanies me almost everywhere. He always finds the biggest dog available to sprint up to and start playing with (some are more willing than others, most are afraid to move in fear they will squish him!) but he just thinks he’s one of them! We went to the dog park once and he stood at the fence that divides the big dogs and small dogs and chased the big dogs back and forth, so we now choose to go to our neighborhood park so he can play with dogs of all sizes!

He is super friendly and even allows kids to pet and hold him, although his face tells me it’s not his idea of fun and I owe him lots of treats and belly rubs when we get home. People regularly stop their cars, come out of their houses our hang out their house windows to say hi to him while smiling and laughing with joy at how cute he is! Many then ask, “but why isn’t he barking at me?” I’ve even had an electrician in my house for about an hour before he realized a dog was in the room and that’s because….well, he doesn’t know he’s a Chihuahua and we don’t tell him! 😉

I thank Levi all the time for choosing me and now I’d like to thank NEAS for being so awesome and helping save the lives of so many animals that deserve nothing but the best!