When we decided to adopt a dog a month ago, we wanted to go to a shelter and just “look around.” We left with Gracie (formerly Roxie) that same day. I pulled a card for another puppy while I waited for my other half to arrive. When we went to look and were waiting for our turn, one of the gentleman volunteers walked by and said ” I love that one back there, she loves everyone,” so we leaned back to take a look. Matthew told me to switch the cards. He wanted to meet with Gracie. Within 45 minutes we were on our way home with her.

It’s been a month and the adjustment period was a learning experience for all of us. Gracie had been adopted and returned so she had a terrible fear of anyone even leaving the room she was in. Jean (our adoption counselor) spoke with me on the phone and guided me with some tips to help. She also sent a follow up email. Here we are a month later and Gracie isn’t afraid of anything! She loves hiking and fishing (though not a fan of water yet). She follows every single thing that Matthew says and does, even his sleeping positions! (see photo)

I have never met any dog or human who has more love to give than this little girl! Every one she meets is attacked with kisses. Thank you to the Northeast Animal Shelter for all of your support!