“Hey Guys, guess what!  I had a play date with Jasper (now Milo).  And I’ve got a new name too … Dublin.

Milo and I got together on Cape Cod.  That’s where I live now.  The day my new mom and dad adopted me, they drove all the way to Salem after they saw my picture on the website. I heard them say people on the Cape like black dogs, and they even have a restaurant and clothing store called the ‘Black Dog.’

I have an older brother, who is also black like me.  He is a rescue dog too.  We are best friends.

Milo recognized me right away, but it took me a few minutes to figure out he was actually our cute little brother, Jasper.  You remember, we all used to chew on his ear and he never complained?  Well, you should see how big he is now.  I’m still a tooth taller, but he knows how to play rough.  We played “Best dog on top” and “How hard can I chomp on your leg before you yelp?” – it was so much fun.

I love my new family and they are teaching me new things all the time. They want me to paw the dangle bells hanging from the back door when I need to go potty. Seems silly to me, since I’d rather just go wherever, but what the heck, if it makes them happy I’ll give it a try.

Love, licks, and nips,

Dublin (Dapper)”