We adopted Reeses (formerly Roxy) in May and she is such a happy pup. She’s still very shy and easily frightened by loud noises but we are so proud of her progress! She has the most adorable spotted tongue, and the cutest pair of ears that flop when she runs.

Reeses is doing really well on house-training, especially in an apartment setting. We take her to puppy play time at Petco and she is the most excited puppy there. We’ve taken her to the beach and although hesitant, has gotten in the water a few times.

She likes to snuggle up and sleep, drooling with her tongue sticking out. She is so curious, and recently discovered the ball and how it rolls. We also discovered that she loves to chase the laser pointer around the apartment.

She loves to get attention and rolls over to let you know to rub her belly. Reeses is so sweet, we don’t really know what she is thinking, but she gazes out the window with her dark, deep eyes.

She’s not a fan of baths, but loves washing her feet in the tub with cool water after a nice walk. She will even jump in the shower!

Reeses is almost 6 months old now and we are so excited to see how she will grow. Thank you NEAS!