We renamed Wiz, and now he goes by Oban. My husband and I can’t believe how lucky we were to have found our baby! He was housebroken when we got him and has only had two pee accidents in the house. The night we took him home, he was so good in the car, and as soon as he got out he pooped outside!

Oban loves his new house and yard. Although we got him a bed and he has his own blankets, etc., he quickly found his favorite place on the living room floor under the coffee table. He didn’t care for the crate so that only lasted a couple of weeks, and now he roams the entire house.

His girlfriend, an adorable cockapoo, lives next door. They adore each other. Our puppy is having so much fun discovering the world, and we are having fun watching! He is getting more comfortable with things and people with which he had initially been skittish, and we have been very patient with him. Oban completes our family!!

Thank you to Jenna and the amazing staff at Northeast for taking care of Oban and for allowing us to adopt this little baby that we love so very much!!