Happy 4th of July!  Our new puppy Love/Lovie (aka Gwen) is attached to my daughter at the hip and is a perfect addition to our family.

And to tell you how we chose Gwen, I actually picked the puppy below her and another couple had chosen the same same dog but the cards were mixed up.  As one of the volunteers explained to the other couple that they had the wrong card, I looked up and saw Gwen in the cage above, lying timidly in the corner.  I handed the couple my card and chose Gwen.

 I spent time with her.  She was shy and a little nervous, but I felt there was something special about her.  I left and picked up my daughter from school to meet the puppy and Gwen instantly came out to her shell and began to bark and chase with my daughter. Since day one she hasn’t left my daughter’s side. When we got home my daughter, who is 4, named her Love ❤️ which seems fitting