Shadow (formerly known as Dixie) has made herself right at home as part of our family, adjusting extremely well after just a few days. She is a smart, energetic, sweet puppy and we are so glad we took her home.

She is our fourth dog rescued from Northeast Animal Shelter over several years and each has imprinted their own unique personality, love and loyalty on our hearts forever. Shadow is doing great with her housebreaking…accident free on her third day home…and has already accomplished a feat some dogs never do: she has made friends with the mailman, greeting him with kisses and a wiggly butt!

One funny quirk is that she is very attentive to the TV and growls when other dogs appear on the screen in her parlor, as if to say…”this is my home”
Thank you to Northeast Animal Shelter for all you do so these animals get the love they are meant to have and bring so much joy to those who adopt.