Bilbo has been renamed to Jerri, a coined name which is a family joke between my grandchildren!  He has been a very busy kitten and has made us laugh constantly! 

I put up a gate to keep him corralled but it had holes in it and it didn’t take him long to climb up and over!  Next my husband bought a piece of plywood and had it cut to size to fit the doorway!  Imagine my surprise when I came out of the bathroom one morning & he was waiting for me!  My husband had to glue the extra piece of plywood on & turn it up the other way which made it taller! 

He jumped on the couch one morning and hit my cereal bowl which still had  milk in it, and it dumped into my lap!!  The best one, however, was the day he jumped on the toilet and fell in!!!

He has drawn blood with his bites but lately when I say “No bite-kiss Mama” he will stop a minute and lap my hand or arm!  We had a very good experience with Northeast and we are very satisfied!  Thanks for all your help.  Be assured this kitty is well loved and taken care of!!