We adopted Kobe in the beginning of May, His name is now Chewie, for Chebacca. He has been a great addition to our family.

My 17-year-old son and I went to the shelter to look at a puppy but he was already taken. We had no idea we were going to meet Chewie! When my son saw him, he wanted to see him right away. We left to get our rat terrier Cheech to see if they would get along. They did!

We came back the next day and the rest is history. Chewie is enjoying his new brothers Cosmo, a husky/German Shepard/black lab mix, and Cheech, a rat terrier.

Chewie and Cheech like when I walk them together. Chewie is doing really well at his puppy training at Petco.  A big thank you to Frank who helped us through Chewie’s adoption process!