“They used to call me Cocoa because I’m the color of hot chocolate, but my new family changed my name to Diggle.  They call me Digs for short.  I bet you can’t guess why.

I’m a local guy, but just by chance.  My Mom came from Georgia, and when she arrived at NEAS they discovered she was pregnant.  She was just 11 months old when she gave birth to me and my 7 other siblings.  We had quite the time together at our foster care home.  Our foster parents were great, and our real Mom nursed us until we were old enough.  Then one day off we all went to NEAS.  

I was there for just one day when a family came in and took me home.  I love it here, and I think I’ve got this housebreaking thing pretty well figured out.  When I go potty outside, it seems to make everyone happy.

During the day I sleep just about anywhere, like in my dad’s shoes.  I get to sleep every night in my own cosy little room.  It’s even got a name – ‘Crate.”

I’m still teething, so I like to nibble on things, like fingers and shoes.  I’m not sure everyone is so happy about that because they keep giving me something else to chew on.

Today I got my first water experience.  They called it a lake.  I only got my feet wet but maybe next time I’ll take a few more steps.  The water felt nice on my feet.

I heard my parents say they are going to take me for puppy training next week.  I wonder what that will be like.  Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m a happy and lucky pup.  If my siblings read this, text me sometime and maybe we can have a sleepover and dig-together party! “