We adopted these brothers in January.   The card on their crate at the shelter said: “We have been through a lot together. We are friendly, playful and bonded.”  They are brothers who were abandoned in West Virginia.  Whisper and Wyatt, starving and sick, leapt out of the woods and into the arms of the rescue league volunteer.  They each had an infected eye.  Sadly, one eye on each cat had to be removed.  The rescue woman then nursed them back to health after their surgeries so they could come up to NEAS and find their forever home. 

From the moment we met them, we knew they were meant to be a part of our family! They were curled up into each other in the crate at the shelter.  Wyatt instantly came to see and interact with us. Whisper looked on with curiosity.   When we went to NEAS that evening we were not intending to adopt an animal.  We just wanted to visit the animals and then we’d discuss it as a family.  So when I called my husband to tell him that we were adopting not one, but two cats, he was very surprised!  These are his words: “When I got the call that they were bringing home two cats, I  was a little…skeptical. I wasn’t totally sure I was ready for a new pet after our dog had  passed away. But from the minute they came home, I have loved them and been very glad we welcomed them as part of our family!”

We kept their names as Whisper and Wyatt because they had been through so much.  They have lived with us for 3 months now.  They only took a few days to get acclimated to us and to the house.  These are extremely resilient and amazing kitties!   They live here with our family of four, Mom, Dad, Sam age 12 and Nicholas age 10.  Sam is their protector and caretaker.  Nicholas is forever picking them up and playing with them.  There are many moments when the four of us are gathered around Whisper and Wyatt smiling and happy, by either playing with them or amused by their antics.  The kitties give us many nice moments together away from electronics and the hustle and bustle of life.   

I keep calling them kitties, but they are adults now.  They turned 1 on April 30th!  They continue to be very close and bonded.  We often find them curled up all over each other.  They go from cuddling, to grooming each other, to wrestling!  We are very amused by their brotherly antics.  Wyatt is the smaller brother. Wyatt is extremely curious, energetic and friendly.   He steals all of Whisper’s toys and launches stealth attacks against Whisper.  Whisper, being much bigger than Wyatt, usually takes it all in stride.

Whisper is more shy of strangers.  But Whisper loves his cuddles and frequently curls up next to us for pets and rubs.   They purr instantly when you pet and rub them and they are both extremely cuddly and playful.   Wyatt is sleeping on me as I write this.  There are some things that we still have to learn, like check the closet for a cat before you close the door.  Wyatt snuck into an office closet and was in there for quite a bit before Whisper alerted us that his brother was missing.  And just this evening, Wyatt had to alert us that Whisper had mistakenly been closed in the bedroom closet.  And they think I am their mama kitty so they like to try to nip and wrestle with me like mama cat.  They don’t do this to the rest of the family,  When I polled the boys for their thoughts about the cats, Sam said, “They are so cuddly, cute and gentle.”  Nicholas said, “They are so cute and cuddly, and I love to play with them!”  As you can tell, we are totally in love and we can’t imagine life without them!