Bella is now “Olive.”  She’s doing great so far! We renamed her Olive since she’s small, black, and has a little pit in her. We’ve gone for a lot of long walks, hikes, and runs together already. We kept her off the furniture for the first week or so but she loves to cuddle and we can’t resist. She sits on the couch and watches TV with my parents and sometimes she sleeps on my bed with me.

She’s a fairly heavy sleeper…lots of puppy dreams and snoring. She’s only chewed a few things in the house, but nothing too destructive–just a hole in her own dog bed and the corner of a rug. We got her some nice bones and toys so she has plenty of acceptable options for chewing. She’s enrolled in a training class for over the summer. She’s been very well behaved but when she gets excited it’s harder to control her.  She already knows some basic commands and she’s very well housebroken.  She’s a great addition to the family and she seems very comfortable with all of the love she’s been getting.