We are very happy to report that “Myra” has a new name that we find is most fitting to her loving and friendly nature. Meet “Lola!”

She is an absolute delight! The concerns that were brought to our attention when we were considering her for adoption have all proven to be no concern at all! Though we do have a few things to work on, Lola is loving to every one – whether they be two-legged or four-legged.

She is extremely affectionate and loves to keep an eye on both of her mommies at once. She goes into her crate with no problems and often enjoys hanging out in there with the door open. She is as smart as a whip and keeps us on our toes as we are learning how to be firm and consistent with our training of her. We firmly believe that much of the testing is to collect more treats! Most importantly, we cannot imagine our lives without her.

Thank you for all you do with these precious souls. We are lucky to have you and we are very very lucky to have Lola.