“Hi, I’m Tika (formerly Susie) and I moved to my forever home on March 4th. I’m full of energy and love going to the dog park to play with my friends. My favorite game is keep away because I’m usually the quickest dog at the park. I also love playing fetch and chewing on antlers. My favorite place to sit is amongst all of the throw pillows on the couch.

If Mom and Dad turn their back for a few minutes, I open up their dresser drawers and steal their clothes. They’re working on teaching me not to do that (but it’s so much fun!). I also learned that if I ask to go out in the middle of the night, mom will get up and I can steal her spot in bed. I’m now fully house trained – but don’t expect me to ask to go out in the rain – I don’t like it!

I can also sit, lay down, play hide and seek (with treats!) and give high-fives. Thanks NEAS for finding me such a great home! Now I just need to convince my parents to adopt me a sibling – I think they’re nearly convinced :)” – Tika