In March of 2002, my fiancé (now my husband) and I went to your shelter and we were introduced to the “I” litter that flew in from Mississippi that day. Benny (originally he was called Izzy) was scared and shaking, but we fell in love immediately. He wasn’t “just a dog” but a member of our family. We missed him during our honeymoon and couldn’t wait to return to see him.

Five years later, we brought our first baby home from the hospital and he nuzzled her hat because he knew she would be his baby too. Three years later, baby number two came home and he loved her just as much. As life goes on, he was also there for us during the hard times. When my dad passed away, Benny felt my pain and would curl in my lap and lick my tears. We traveled everywhere with him; cross-country at least 6 times by plane. He’s 15 now, and tomorrow he will go to sleep forever. The cancer is everywhere and he’s in pain.

The gift you gave us in Benny is a gift I can never repay. The love he gave our family is indescribable, and when everything felt like it was falling apart, Benny still loved us and we knew we would be ok. Our hearts are broken but we know he will have fun on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and we will be reunited some day. Thank you for letting us adopt our boy, B.

Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re enriching so many lives.
Love, The Keighley family