Rhonda (the dog formerly known as Nubby) has been with us now for an entire month, although I can barely remember what our routine was like before her. 

We knew right away that Rhonda was the dog for us when we met her at the shelter. As soon as she entered the visiting room, she planted herself across our feet and looked up at my boyfriend and me with eyes that said “Okay we will go home now.” She was so sweet and we bonded with her immediately. Her sweetness has remained as she’s adjusted to life in our home.

While Rhonda initially seemed very concerned with us leaving her (for the first week it seemed like she always had to be touching me), she has adapted to our schedule and seems to know what when we leave in the morning we are just as eager to get back to her as she is to be reunited with us. As you’ll see in the picture, she sometimes tries to be a lap dog but we are working on getting her to understand her size.

She is always eager to go for her morning walk and especially seems to enjoy being on her lead in the yard where she has a little more freedom to explore. Rhonda is the first dog I have seen roll herself purposefully down a hill, seemingly for entertainment purposes. It certainly entertains me! I am so excited to see what adventures we encounter as the weather gets nicer and we explore more together.

We really appreciate all the time that the adoption counselors took to find us the right dog for our home. We never would have found this perfect match without all the guidance we received. 

We feel very lucky to be able to give Rhonda the home that she deserves. She is truly a gift. We cannot thank you all at Northeast enough for the work that you do and for bringing us all together!