We adopted 7-month old Max on March 9th and he has been an incredible addition to our family. A pup from rural Georgia, he’s still getting used to the bustle of the big city, but he’s adjusting quite nicely and is becoming less nervous every day. People always stop me on the street to tell me how handsome he is and how beautiful his amber eyes are. It’s why I immediately fell in love with him at the shelter!

Max loves going on long walks and playing with his friends at the dog park. He loves giving his human and dog friends lots of kisses! He doesn’t really know what I want him to do when I throw the ball, though. He would much rather do a few tricks for a yummy treat.

He likes to be independent when we’re in a familiar place, but at the end of a long day, all he wants to do is snuggle between us and get some belly scratches. He looks at us with the saddest eyes when we stop!

While Max still has a lot of puppy energy, he is such a well mannered dog. If he gets too mouthy or chews on something not for him, he’s excellent at listening. He’s doing very well in puppy kindergarten at the MSPCA. He knows “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” “paw,” and even “stand up”!

We had such a great experience adopting Max from Northeast Animal Shelter. They gave us everything we need to go home with him and made sure he was the perfect fit for our lifestyle. When we’re ready to adopt a little brother or sister for Max, we will absolutely be going back to NEAS!