We adopted Bohdi (formerly Roscoe) in mid February as our 11th anniversary/valentines gift to each other. We had visited the shelter one weekend and met with a puppy we did like but weren’t 100% sure about so we left a little sad that we hadn’t found our pup. The counselor we spoke with that day said to come back on the following Wednesday or Thursday as they were due to get new dogs in then.

So we went first thing Thursday morning and saw the tag for a 6-month-old mix puppy who was outside so we couldn’t see him just yet. We thought why not and we took a chance and waited.  The second they brought him into the meet and greet room he walked right up to my husband and me and jumped on the bench and started giving kisses.  Then when he climbed right in my lap and laid his head on my shoulder, I knew I was done for. He was the one we were waiting for.

He is such a perfect fit for our family, he’s so easy going and happy. He is a champion chewer of toys and he loves getting to go on walks around our city. He has two cat siblings, who he already loves and wants to play with. They are still a bit unsure about him, but no fights or upsets have happened so I’m confident that in a few months they’ll get along just fine!