Dylen and I have worked with dogs for years and finally decided we needed one to call our own. We both work and live at a cageless boarding/ daytripping and grooming facility called The Pooch Palace and decided that this is the perfect home for a dog-friendly pooch! Bella immediately stood out to us with her bright and outgoing personality. She was the perfect match.

She has literally never met a stranger & loves everyone she meets. Bella was welcomed into the Pooch Palace family about a week ago and has quickly found her place. The first pooch we tested her with was my dad, little sister and step mom’s dog named Aspen (who was also adopted from Northeast Animal Shelter about a year ago). Aspen is a great dog and is at the Palace daily so I thought that they had to get along for both of them to be happy.

Aspen, who has a little bit of trust issues, LOVED Bella almost right off the bat! Bella was returned to the shelter the same day we stopped in (talk about fate) because the first family who adopted her had a dog who was attacking her, so Aspen accepting her was probably a very big step for her. They are now the best of friends and play together everyday! You would’ve never guessed that she had ever had to deal with an unaccepting pooch based on her attitude towards other dogs. She gives everyone she meets, dogs and people alike, a fresh start and runs up with a wiggling tail and a playful attitude. She is the perfect addition to our family and I am so glad that we’ve found her!