We got Axel (previously Tyson) nearly 3 weeks. He was very timid and shy even shaking in the car as we drove him home. When we got home we put his basket down and he jumped straight in it and curled up and it brought out a tear or 2 to see him so comfortable.

He is a beautiful little dog who has been coming out of his shell. Being a rescue from Georgia we guess he had never seen snow so that was a shock for him as we took him out for walks. He was great on the lead right away and would walk and mark his territory. After 10 days he took an interest in his toys and is now chasing after his green rat and his squeaker squirrel. For playtime he likes being chased (and chasing) around the dining room table. He follows us around the house and will switch baskets to be close. I think his favourite moment is in the evening after dinner on his cushion on the sofa with the nearest one of his family scratching him and him licking them.

Now he will nearly walk to heel. He will sit, lie down, stay and wait before coming for his treat. He is showing more tail up confidence during his walks. Still shy with other dogs but as the weather gets warmer and he continues to relax we are sure he will start enjoying that too.

Thanks you NEAS for our perfect little boy.