In May of 2015 my husband and I walked into Northeast Animal Shelter looking to adopt our very first dog for both of us. After several months of looking we saw two beagles, one black and white and the other red and white. They seemed like the right size and happy dogs, so we asked one of the employees Pat ( who was awesome throughout this whole process) to see both dogs.

Once the door opened, both dogs jumped at us with excitement, giving us kisses. After months of trying to find the perfect fit for our family we finally found it, we just knew with these two, but this time it was both dogs we loved. Knowing we could not handle both dogs, we had to pick one. We picked Abby the red and white beagle.

After separating these two, I felt such guilt and it was really bothering me. My husband surprised me and had Pat send the owners of Connie (the black and white) beagle who was adopted shortly after) all our information. Connie’s parents replied and emailed my husband. Three months later we were walking Abby on the beach and I noticed a black and white dog that looked familiar and I said to my husband “Look how cute that dog is” not even knowing it was Connie!! MY husband had planned the surprise with Connie’s parents to reunite these two cuties back together. I had no idea about this!

It was such a great day not only for us, but the dogs. They played and were so happy to see each other. Since then we have play dates a couple times a year so the dogs can see each other. Connie parents are such great people and Connie could not have found a better home. Pat the shelter employee is amazing, I still send him pictures of Abby.  He is still a part of the adoption process even years after!

Thank you to my amazing husband for the best surprise ever! Connie and Abby continue to play and sniff with each other like they have never missed a day together.