Luna, formerly Misty, is adjusting wonderfully! She is nothing short of amazing. Since the day we took her home it’s almost as if she came house-broken (No accidents). At first we had her sleeping in her crate as she adjusted to her three new kitty brothers, but that didn’t last long. After about a week, we couldn’t help but let her try to sleep the night with us. Good thing we have a big bed because it’s a pig pile now and it’s impossible to get anyone up in the morning! A month in, and Luna has already learned to hike, snowshoe, and hang at the beach with her mom and dad. She even made it to the top of a mountain in Vermont!

As we continue to get to know Luna and introduce her to new people and pups the more she comes out of her shell. Our only complaint would be, it’s as if we adopted a trained adult dog!  😉 She knows everything already, and introducing new commands takes no time at all!

Thank you so much for all the help and advice during the adoption process; we couldn’t be happier. I have already recommended the shelter countless times, and will continue to do so.