Gabby is a wonderful dog and is adjusting very well to my home.  She loves being around people no matter who it is.  She has really taken to me and loves to cuddle.  She also loves my tenants which is great! 

She eats great, always finishing her food as soon as I put it down.  She sleeps great too and has really taken to crate training.  She sleeps all the way through the night whether it is a week night with an early rise or a weekend with a slightly later wake up time.  I really love Gabby and couldn’t have asked for a better new best friend. 

She isn’t too mischievous outside of being a little sock thief, wondering up stairs to steal one of my tenants socks to bring them down to me!  She hasn’t destroyed anything in the home which is great. 

I have bought her a lot of toys and she plays with all of them equally which is why I think she doesn’t play with anything that isn’t hers.  I have introduced her to all of my friends and she just loves to be around other humans.  We go to the dog park a couple times a week so that she can socialize with other dogs and she loves to play with the dogs of all sizes, especially the big guys. 

I have introduced her to my parents’ dog and they played all day and cuddled when they got tuckered out.  Additionally, I have been using Rover to find an in house doggy daycare for her.  She goes there twice a week and the man who watches her has two dogs of his own.  He sends me pictures throughout the day and she plays really well with his dogs.  She comes home all tuckered out and just wants to cuddle all night. 

She knows her name (still Gabby), sit, lay down, stay, and leave it!  Can’t wait to continue to teach her more stuff and mold her into the best behaved pup she can be. 

Your Shelter and staff were amazing in my visit and I have been recommending you guys to everyone I run into.  No one can believe that I got such an amazing dog from a shelter.  Can’t say enough good things about you guys!