We adopted Deemus (he came to us as Jay) from the Northeast Animal Shelter in late January, 2017. We intended to rescue an older dog because we’ve never had a dog in our family and we had no idea about training. However, after spending time with several dogs, none of whom were a good fit for our family, Julie introduced us to “Jay.”

He was so friendly and sweet with everyone in the family. He sat with us all and yet was still playful so we decided that he was instantly the perfect fit. We’ve been learning various training techniques for puppies and have found Deemus to be smart and a fast learner.

He has been working on getting our two cats to play with him and they are slowly coming around. They all enjoy playing with the laser pointer together, each taking turns to chase the light.

He has been a loving member of the family since the day he came home! Thank you, Northeast Animal Shelter for taking the time to find us the perfect fit!